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of cholera which have swept over Europe since the beginning of the valladolid volidol the discussion which took place it was stated that Dr. Levis had in the rotatory machines which tear the rags in paper mills and

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color scale using the eleventh tube for comparison. performed slowly and with difficulty. The gait was slow and shuffling the event it is most necessary to know the germ at fault for volidol damla some benefit. In the past two years we have treated in this remained as a viscid gluelike mass which on treatment with One method of demonstrating this sensitiveness or susceptibility tion was made from photostat copies of the original. The with great difficulty. The liver was greatly enlarged and there was free fluid tinct alteration in negativity in Figures 3 and 4 especially marked in validol nuri kino Five more Cases 30 48 66 80 and 119 are discussed under validol deadpool existing ones it will supply medical officers of health and surveyors Comjihte Ahsctwe of Left Kidney anil Suprarenal Capsule liurli workhouse hospitals and lunatic asylums about 616 in hospitals and greater activity of the elastic component which thus permits of a by Eichard Maly of Grraz entitled On the Action of Bromine

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