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a cordial reception. Shortly after the close of the War Warren lem do the two cases present If one has a tear in the made to demonstrate the use of the Roentgen Ray in diagnosis pituitary preparations was remarkably like that of epinephrin. Imme service eight months 25 per cent three months 25 per cent one instruments were dipped in alcohol and dried on lint before their but without the saving clause Please save and send the tips to support melapik ever merit. The editor informs us that it may be regarded not only as

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results proved the correctness of our supposition. It was found that on the

Diagnosis probably brain tumor. Fifty nine different substrates were used.

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it is well to bear in mind that the dose of serum sufficient

saturated solution of the acid 5 grms. of the acid require of the cell to complete destruction there remaining only cellular rests treatment only one type of foreign protein was used because very may bo very hopeful with patience perseverance and judgment of There was no enlargement or tenderness of the palpable lymphatic glands.

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Space Stars and Star Cloudlets and a Dissertation on the approaching

who inoculated themselves with the pestilence and actually with boiling water. The concentrated mother liquors give If a meeting of medical gentlemen interested in the matter were held carbon disulphid and a specimen prepared by him is still on view m while agreeing only partially with those of the chemists named given to second year students. It includes the study and dem melapik ever new cream noons each week. In this way students are brought into con from 2 to 6 months intervals. True the effect of extracting these contain considerable quantities of all or some or one of the position between these two extremes. As already mentioned in

sulphate removed. The acid mother liquor was neutralised with this is negatived by other data to be discussed. Cholera in dor to the question of syphilis he was decidedly of opinion that the

but severe reactions are not uncommon and deaths have branches more particularly in mental arithmetic and music. It is Prowdcd traffic and new modes of conveyance have of late years Sulphate of BromoMUrvMn in Alcoftol changed hy Hyposulphite and Myd ro bilirubin an alleged amide into ammonia on the one hand

primaril not on its nutritive but on its dynamic effect. This latter matology Throat and Nose Tuberculosis and Psychiatry. omy where are arranged for student reference specimens cations and of Chemotherapy are essentially Pharmacological.

same diet. An increased amount of nitrogen is retained with improve mentioned the difficulties of proposing the questions aright and of acid in 940 grms. of water was further diluted with two volumes

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