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What are the physical agents which, taken together, consti-
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3. Further experiments on cats showed that, (a) while a cat may recover
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The etiology of acute peritonitis occurring in a previously healthy
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minutes of the last session of last year which were adopted.
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of typhoid patients, it may be possible to diagnose the
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hundred and fifty years. All pastes containing this agent
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This experiment showed that Bacillus influenzce would grow on a
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the entrance of air into the part of the lunp: to which the tulje leads,
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made. The disease had also been mistaken for acne, sycosis,
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of the Myocardium ; (2) The Share taken by the White
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capacity by the method of Van Slyke.^ Most of the plasma CO2
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ture, 99Y*ij° F. He had passed a pretty good night ;
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and mode of li\dng have no influence upon its production.
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vomiting had occurred without effecting dislodgmeiit
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it should be stated, I think, that it is an appliance of
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opposed to other authorities, considers that lymphatic structures have not been
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5. Dispensary patients can be treated with tuberculin not
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T\lieu an eruptive symptom is remarkable on account of its rarity,
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(4) Nervous mechanism. — This governs the secretory
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canal from the rectum to the bile-duct with unusual care. The curve of

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