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from a patient who was subjected to the influence of the vapour; she

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Within the last 15 years much has been written about the strep-

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cles contain about an ounce of limpid serum. The lungs are slightly

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If this peculiar alteration in the glandular apparatus of the intestinal

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child within the ten daya a charge is to be made for each visit as in other

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medicjil |iractili<uieT' s life, second only to a genuine love

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been produced by intravenous injections of cholera vibrios. A considerable

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tial occlusion of the arteries, I had somewhat in view the chance of

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delirious. Mild delirium is not uncommon during the progress of an inter-

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of 2 weeks produces a greater or less respiratory disturbance in the

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day, occur in advanced cases, and may precede an unexpected fatal issue.

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are normal, the bacilli of the same case after the first injection will

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1), employing the time values as abscissae and the logarithms of the

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presented in the query of your committee, to settle first upon a Stan*

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In the morning the thermometer indicated a variation from 79 to

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Lambert, Robert A. The comparative resistance of bacteria

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variola or varioloid, coming under his notice, had re- vaccination

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^ Many attribute the symptoms of chronic meningitis occurring in the insane, epileptic, and imbeciles to

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infant. The eruption covered her whole body; it was tardy in ap«

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x-ray to the animals. This differentiation appears undoubtedly as a

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Second Revised and Enlarged Edition. By J. B. S. Kiug^ m.d.,

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be obtained before a feeding, since lipemic sera are read with more difficulty.

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imens. 360 presented symptoms of pressure. Of these, 235 had

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still living. One paternal uncle died of apoplexy; maternal uncles and aunts are

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In the practice of surgery, it is pain which inspires that dread of

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Die Phrenologie in und ausserhalb Deutschland, von G. von

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Since 1611, variolous inoculation has been prohibited by law. Dur-

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a slight temporary increase of the pressure, 0.3 cm. of mercury. The

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Dr. Kendall.— At the last meeting of the Litchfield

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Dr. S. G. Morion^ reporta one hundred and two eaaea of re*vaooi*

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date* It is found to be enlarged in consequence of, and in propor-

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4. Hoffmann, E., Mitteilungen und Demonstrationen liber experimentelle Syph-

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itis ' which is said to resemble colloid metamorphosis. This change is rare.

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instillation of serum after the lapse of some months, showed no re-

  Metformin And Longer Periods
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