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have a glottis but an imperfect one and birds in whom this organ
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traction during great voluntary efforts a notion of ivhich the trutl
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having menstruated at eleven years of age had always enjoyed
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be conveyed by such articles containing the emanations being carried
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boes only appeared when the disorder continued certain hours
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purposes of general use where more profound information and nicer
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Especially may nymphomania be caused by diseases of the
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perhaps I may be considered rash in determining to abstract
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bladder blood fluid and bright red or discoloured. Thera
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means chemically uniform but difier according to the origin and nature
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Erdmann found that the composition of the gases in one case
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undergoing an attack of the disease while during the day it might be
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He. was called late at night to perform tracheotomy on a
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animals and especially in horses from unduly prolonged absti
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and the names of the other members of the Council are merely
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First Lines of the Practice of Physic. When I use the term
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a disease whose causes are still very obscure. As it occurs
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has seen much benefit from the mineral acids bark steel and arsenic
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of tartarized antimony the memoirs of Dr. Latham on the em.
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the vice was widely spread that after they marched out to the
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occurrence of circumscribed inflammatory foci progressing
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then our correspondence came to an end. I suppose it was prin
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considers that the best agent is eseridinum tartaricum aj to
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mucous masses. In the large intestine we generally find dry
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the necktie was noticeable by its absence. He wore heavy winter
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eases called vaccine and variolous possess radical identity of
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sought namely the eradication of all cancerous germs and the
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directions after recovery the enforced confinement to bed being
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tives such as iron and arsenic. The tincture of chlorid of iron
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it is true noticed that the os uteri was completely closed until
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uterus which prevent conception by chronic vaginitis and
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abscess with gangrene of the organ. The commonest causes of
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usually comes too late and with all severe cases in cattle early
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Therapeutics. So long as the nature of the infective
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rhea will get the sanction of a competent specialist not a quack
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certain degree ooly which prof bion is necessary as their eitrelne
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emetic 8 grains water 10 oz. one tablespoonful three times
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A physician should refuse absolutely to give a prognosis as
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tory slavery Elizabeth Cady Stanton s work to free women
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