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rich Jersey or Alderney milk will do without the addition of

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Now, as to the causes of the trouble. Whilst we must

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It is interesting to compare fish with the meats and to see

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ino; the tubercle into a firm fibrous nodule. The fibroid change in its

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are expected for that length of time to eat from five to ten

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Etiology. — The bacteriology of the affection is imperfectly known, al-

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Company: Moisture, 7.54; gluten, 18.28; starch, 67.20;

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bed. The head of the tub should be on a line with the foot of the

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Winternitz has obtained such good results from it that he regards

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high temperature the heart may become exhausted, and the occurrence

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Whether it is an infectious disease or not we cannot yet

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to avoid chilling, and it must be borne in mind that gentle friction is

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position. It is of quite frequent occurrence in all densely populated

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egg or even larger. The slchi over the enlarged gland is freely movable,

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contaminate it even in the better class of city and town dwellings.

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ing malady is the presence of fermenting remnants of undigested food.

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Food adulterations, including milk, are encouraged by in-

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their dinner, — a roll, a slice of meat of some kind, and very

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