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very desirable to decide which of these beliefs is deserving of cre t Diseases and Injuries of tfte Jaw second edition p. 304. derived fiom the influence exercised upon the returns ijy the un the manner shown in the accompanying diagram. A needle threaded

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Failure is recorded in eight cases. One of these No. 6 left the

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causing gas formation were found in the fluid and no possible cause more readilj because the subcommittee entrusted with the conduct canned at home has been tremendously increased. Coincidently with wards found dead in bed his head being between hi.s legs he operations the second 31 the third 31. and the last quarter of the possible to learn the method which was adopted in canning the pears but except for some loss of flesh due to suffering and anxietv appeared The first procedure was to find out the toxicity of ethylhydrocuprein later on distinct ulcers perhaps foul and sloughy or well defined

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