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looking substance or even patches of this thin crust and tinea

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and painful. Physical examination of the lungs reveals a very

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How far the analogy between chorea in domestic animals and

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quently also in the right auricle and right ventricle bringing

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rapid up to 120 a minute then very weak often thready and

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the appearance of nutmeg. This arises from enlargement of the sur

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The face may be either pale or strongly injected with blood ac

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of doubt that this microbe is the true and only cause of gonorrhea.

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conditions already referred to and must be dealt with accord

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The course is very often rapid in which case it is often

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prefers soft or sloppy to dry food. A portion of the water

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anxiety and uneasiness the eyes are protruded and wildly staring the

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animals are therefore far advanced in disease before submitted

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red blood corpuscles or from capillary haemorrhages. In other

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stenosis symptoms of anaemia of the brain vertigo etc. appear.

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pharyngitis as for instance the catarrhal or phlegmonous variety from

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An accumulation of urine in the bladder produces in the more

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little work indigestible food leguminous summer wheat rye

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In severe cases pharyngitis farenchymatosa et purulenta

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cattle or dogs when attempted by Gerlach was therefore un

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of weakness and a sad paraphrase on our vaunted usefulness as

  Elocon Krim Untuk Ruam Popok
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