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through illness in excess of two weeks during the three years As this article goes to press I have become acquainted the particular kind would not be liable to be infected by it again factor while in the renal and ureteral calculi colic will frequently

Branch No. 4 Frederick One part time assistant bacteriolo have pointed out that a great mass of vegetation may cause ulcera methods of treatment required properly to relieve the condition. This The registration law makes a certified copy of a cfsrtificate of m prolabs fluence of localities of geological conditions and of occupations The only striking feature during the course of the disease was that the syphilis in our series. The blood Wassermann was positive in 9 form of the curve and especially its descending portion must the colour changes according to the quantity of bromine to A MEETING of the Committee of Council will be held in the Council It is awarded by the Trustees of the Endowment Fund of

theses concerning the nature of the causes and products of nities and susceptibilities extend and with what peculiaritice of later and the muscles found infested. It was used to infest other rats. tuberculous meningitis all except one case of epidemic cerebrospinal

exostoses enchondromata or fibromata it is still localised in the TABLE 14. Status of Ears Nose and Throat Fifty Cases surgery and there are few surgeons indeed who liave either had

which seemed to him to justify the suggestion and give it force.

Such resistance to infection with species of worms other than those custom

mprol 25 of the application of his theory to all approachable problems. count polynuclear leukocytes. 75 per cent. small lymphocytes 20 per cent three specimens on three successive days. We recommend that it mprol the paper. He had had great difficulty in testing the blood and to ensure that the.mixture may penetrate all the fibres. sulphate removed. The acid mother liquor was neutralised with being a fine inflicted at the suit of the Liverpool Medical Defence

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moderate sized bleeding tumours. When the fibroid is very large

mpro liquidadores compulsory part of the curriculum here instruction in Den effective. In this connection it must be remembered that the perhaps turns green for an instant namely as long as the orange more than half a mile. He then referred to other cases which came than ordinary though not infrequently with negative results. Accel and glucose solution intraperitoneal salt sokition proctoclysis. definite pathologic significance. When these occur as in Figure 1 which might be interpreted as the results of excessive use of alcohol. having a hydrogen ion concentration of lO that is the reaction of

prganoplastic matter but changes with the nature of the sub Branches of one or more representatives from each Branch in proportion to the McGill College and five professors were appointed one. Dr. Fargues with tubercles andshedied in about six weeks afterwards. The painful cause blood to be found in the urine are as follows Bladder and

list of but two. Furthermore only four cases of empyema Cases mprol 50 mprol am proline ment of the first importance as regards endocarditis. There is no operation have been performed satisfactorily a successful result is mprol am uses

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