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sometimes to seven per cent., and at least fifty per cent,

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Salter — viz., three inches — is too large for the majority

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suspension, by a process of filtering through finely

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likely to be cured by keeping the patient from scenes

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.3 &. i oz. ditto ditto .. / blue-tinted 1 7s. 6d. ,,

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spiring, the belly tympanitic, and the pulse so feeble and

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towns was 24-57 per 1,000 living; in the districts com-

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or comprise the natural elements thereof; such as water,

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One great impediment to the investigations of patho-

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eightieth, and one in 100 his sixty-fifth. Married people

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and made of them a most palatable and nourishing soup.

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vacancies, jobbers will, of course, vote only for one

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Forshall, Kraicis Hyde, Woburn Place, Kussell Square

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above everything else, is to be relieved from this state of

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cumstances that there was closure of the glottis from

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morphia, but without any sensible diminution of the

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poor fellow, almost at death's door, said, with a most

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tive condition of the external and a positive state of the

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tumour appeared to spring the innominate and left caro-

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Mr. Fletcher in the workhouse hospital, and terminated

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the stinfj of a venomous fly, which has come from Asia. It made

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of one another, the fact may be taken as a strong pre-

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ago ; and in which fracture of the thigh had taken place

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away upon it, and the substance felt presenting on the

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the contained fluid under the compression of the man's

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stead of assisting in the burking and defacing of it.

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Here the question will arise : " How far did the passage

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evidence of itch. He thought that the author attached

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under some form of paralysis which ultimately occa-

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Inoculation i\Iodified by the Hereditary Transmission

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scientific meetings, or for assembling their nu'mbers on

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Hudson. On January 29, at Shepton Mallet, Jane, wife of Thomas

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He sat down for a short time in a room, when, feeling

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Mr. Ctjbitt has resigned the office of President of

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