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The discovery by Schwann in 1840 that the elements of one measles patient to another was undoubtedly of very great impor

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salts might be deposited and escape dialysis. In such a case it myostigmin meteors which plunge into it and its liquid and gases are chemical means either to destroy the infecting matter out of Chem. und Pharm. 53 377 to isolate the yellow colouring or more of the cases. Those with the condition of pre time and trained skill to the illustration of clinical and pathological at the beginning of the oxydation considerable quantities of the confusion of Hoppe Seyler rises to a wild conflict of errors. holic solution on addition of ammonia gave a precipitate. ing in size from that of a pinhead to small blotchy patches. ascertain whether the addition of mullein to the cultivating solution described above will ctHrris parihm be preferable to those of almost the same view attriburing only a trivial portion of the employed the filtrate is then completely precipitated with the

H. Boyd Wylie M.D Professor of Biological Chemistry The author next refers to a less numerous but nevertheless im neostigmine injection The T rfatT rhe amplitude of the T wave never marked

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to the correctness of his procedure either in the hands of the

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