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caoutchouc, gum, sulphate of potash, lime, iron, alumina,
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" But necrosis is not nnfrequently occasioned directly by violence. In the
18 -pit, O. " jrpamatS, H. Most of this paragraph is eaten away in V.
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workhouses," had 163 superintendent nurses, 1390 nurses, and 1093 pro-
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—Dose, one teaspoonful, diluted, immediately after
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Brabant, Ernest Birt, C. T. Alexander, W. J. Boreham, James Bullpitt,
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creased number on chest and arms. No pain in back, no chill,
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the removal of the stitches, Professor Goodell leaves the
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Le grand sympathique, nerf de I'accomniodation pour la
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which he found very useful. He claimed no special originality in their
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in Colorado Springs children, that a careful comparative
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East; it had been discovered there in that realm of com-
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tsinatsiy i epilepsii. [On pathogenesis of hallucinations
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Impairment of the renal functions, whatever may be its cause, may bring
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did not exist, and altogether different from epilepsy; but we do
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was entirely eliminated. They discovered the interesting fact that the
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difficulties had been overcome, and that any suggestions involv-
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the certainty of correct results. These will, I think, be
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Dr. D. J. Kaliski and Dr. P. Aschner have not demonstrated the
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stained. All were totally negative. Differential blood count of 250 cells was
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examined, and the changes were identical with those
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this description, in my service there, for more than a year
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1. Short Description of Ten Rontgenray Examinations of
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of the leukocytes; the mononuclear types become granular and
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consistence, but this distinction no longer has any practical value, since the so-called
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to the D.M.S. for his approval. Everything went very smoothly
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Foresters comes and seeks admission to the benefits of an insti-
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Tenderly she laid the silent, white form beside those that
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I suppose you have never done anything to avoid pregnancy.
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from the almshouse of 100 years ago the intimacy of the
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This enema, well beaten up, should be slowly introduced by means of
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in the course of repeated interviews be able to per-
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the chill begins until the fever begins to subside, will shorten the
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Self-indexing. — The cards are ranged under an alpha-
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Alexander Wa<l<lell Greenhorn CUrk. M.B., CM.,
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ment at Washington, and served, no doubt, as valuable models
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slice of the projecting angle of the tibia, so that there will be no tendency
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excrementitious materials from the tissues and the production
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