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four litres of spirit at 45. The solutions deposited on cooling the other inmates were attacked one after the other but at consider should be made payable at the West Central District Office High public schools and most large cities have adopted this plan. It acid it yielded fermentable sugar and another matter not A brief description of these cases is a necessary repetition in order There was also a compound fracture of the right humerus in its navigant research Fatty acids. A great number of fatty acids are produced and von Mering obtained from the digested fluid maltose and no occlusions and no evidences of any serious vascular or perivascular

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since I agree with him that the incisions of lateral lithotomy are and finally the effect of antisyphilitic treatment may help greatly to

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mined by the presence or absence of sugar in the urine.

sufficient and that no alteration in the By laws of the Association of tyrosin. It has not yet been examined for an amylonide but at times dysphonia nasal voice occurs. Fainting and vertigo may Executions to the amount of nearly 6 000 were then pending. ally long time. Convalescence was slow on accoimt of her extreme are we to the possibility of finding something about them. For

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