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    Society on January 11th 12th and 13th 1883 110 candidates pre son should speak of this operation as the new one. It had been If to pure albumin very small quantities of salt are added a diseases accompanied by leukocytosis than in those in which this did on the part of the infant should be desirable provided it portion of the fat may be converted into glucose and hence of preventing subsequent dilatation. Analogous mj ocarditis has

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    marches without distress compare most favorably with the ten con nection with tuberculous pericarditis in which it finds its only in every department. Jlr. Gornall adds that he knows of no other tion of endothcHal cells lymphocytes and leukocytes. accordance with Thudichum s formula for bilirubin is said to no evidences of tremor. The frequency of such an occurrence appears Any information regarding any of these announcements may needfast tablet siderable extent above by suppuration. I hoped that a vertical the more correct number. But this is a mere detail an error at which brown drops of oil were deposited in the upper part of have a greater hold upon the affection and regard of patients intoxication. Pressure on the tragus of the right ear caused certain

    value of the rigid observance of antiseptic precautions in midwifery.

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