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    No effect was observed as a result of the use of tuberculinic acid ;

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    unsteadiness of hie ; and the frequent occurrence of this cause has

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    of the bowels open, the safeguarding against all forms of excite-

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    at present place in the way, with a few exceptions (in

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    neuropsychiatry a real service in pointing out some

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    and which may attain the size of a sixpenny-piece. The early lesions

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    stopped without their benign assistance, and the flora and

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    against the arch of the aorta does not, to my mind at any rate, seem

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    Second, the collaboration of three institutions (the Uni-

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    it to a few — and saw it taken by others — uniformly, as I thought, with annoy-

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    Computer literacy a plus. Yale affiliated. Reply with CV to:

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    having for their object the discovery of truth by reference to fact3 and

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    and states very truly that one hemostatic will not answer equally

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    miseratus tarn improbi laboris, ipsum interrogavi, cur tarn solh'cite

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    Reilly, New York County; Noiimalignant Strictures of the Esoph-

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    Diagnosis. To any one unfamiliar with the disease, the diagnosis is

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    en Syrie, Paris, 1894. Dengue at Hong-Kong, Brit. Med. Jour., 1895, ii, 988. Den-

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    tioner. Lond., 1897, lix, 593-598.— Tookcr (P. 'G.) Case

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    and irritability of temper does not seem to be borne out by

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