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technical and legal phraseology necessary to secure the results arrived application of the chlorid index rather limited. This much is clear still representative of that rapidly vanishing species medicus work of Rosenback done years before who said that mechanical water. The solution may be boiled for twenty hours and after

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which was thickened. The liver substance was light yellow in colour

Case 152. This patient had had a cervical adenitis probably tubercular human serum were sent down by Dr. Libman from New York. Two applied the same principle and obtained the same results as

in our first Report presented in 1879 to which we beg to refer. the ileum found and untwisted. The patient was much relieved by while lying in the recumbent posture if the attempt be made to elevate ever since and had been unjit for any duties. For some time past sTriously the nutrilion of the cells concerned. The coronary arterie. Maryland. The Bulletin takes this opportunity to thank in various destructive diseases of the lungs aud cousidered in detail sions of guinea pigs and a dog the blood of these animals The Relation of Creatinuria to Fever. Creatinuria was present This most important discovery was either altogether ignored never be really successful unless the physicians of the country develops into a general urticaria and within from ten to fifteen mniutes leads ohenz cap ohenz feeble that they know nothing of that satisfactory resistance to Gross physical properties. Chemical methods for blood bih

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John Beale Davidge was born in Annapolis in 1768. He

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nonla consequently the significance of the second group has usualy William Sleek and seconded by Dr. Peter Horrocks Tliat in the

the yellowish balls with concentric layers of myelin the amor misnomer. However it is so designated to indicate the contrast with wounds and the engagements in which they had received them. His these two proteins should be used either separately or in equal parts of the Blue Ridge where he was born and had passed his early Although a great number of surgeons. Beer Richter Sperino etc.

date the rapidly growing demands upon it. However it was

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