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Domingo, 17 de Enero de 2010 (GMT) 

    4. AVe recommend that the Registrar ascertain the comparative cost of lighting the

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    death-rate from smallpox ranges from 136 to 10.1 per 100,000 in-

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    of any member the vote upon each proposition shall be taken separately.

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    later encounter and upon which they should be ever prepared.

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    surface of which was a little depressed if anything, and around it

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    pointment and failures, the loves and antagonism, and the good

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    Now how many non-immune persons is it probable that we should find

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    The operation which the law has authorized is known as vasec-

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    pathognomonic of the disease, and in many respects resembles a

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    As for instance: Luncheon and cards at the Country Club, automobile

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    his intimate knowledge of the hospital details, of patients and their

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    tablish circulation by means of normal blood channels. The splen-

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    Maine, to Amesbury, Massachusetts, where he succeeds Dr. F. S. Eveleth in

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    Clinical Symptomatology. Hick Hecht. D. Appleton & Co.

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    Mrs. primipara, age 38. Labor induced at the begin-

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    the combination of forms B and D exist together, but this prob-

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    Examiners that it would be well to hold the examinations a month earlier.

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    change is only in the nitrogenous content, the proportion ex-

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    many diseases of their toll in human life, cancer has been insid-

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    ening up has catch in the right sacro-iliac. Right side bending

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    structive discussion followed the papers. Each visiting surgeon

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    seems probable that many of the cases of 'sour stomach' resisting all forms

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    notice of. They were all tarred with the same stick, and all evidently with one object

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    stimulated with enemata. If the patient is conscious, she is en-

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    oculist is always careful in giving advice against any eye strain.

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    lift up a tiny particle of epidermis with scissors or a knife, convey

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    as to history, present condition, physical examination, diagnosis, prog-

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    We, as members of a great profession, welcome you into the

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    eclectic, 433. This is the smallest total number of students on record since

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    Anatomical Diagnosis. — Increased density of calvarium, congestion of

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    cessful practitioners enjoy their work in spite of hardships and difficul-

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    of the urine we find abnormalities which, if the proper treatment

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    the nose in fevers and other septic processes. As proof of the re-

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    pleasure of the President, and who shall receive a salary of dol-

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    Lumbago is nothing more nor less than a myositis of the mus-

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    Ever since this Discipline Committee has had an existence there has been, I think, a

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