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existence of those causes ? 3. "Wliat are the prin-

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"With regard to syphilisation the case is similar ; but

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(December 1st), was quickly recovering his strength.

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heavily ? If there were to be a time allowed between

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end of the bone was e^df^L rrtutf^e^ i ?f ^n^^^^g^^^- ^^^^^^ -re adlpt^^

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3. Salutary Statistics of Cheltenham. By Edward T. Wilson, M.B.

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O 8|.ectfally inform tne Public that their PATENT SFI.F-

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was fifty years ago. The satisfactory results of the

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— " That this meeting desires to express their deep

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the lad entered the hospital, the tumoui* was closely

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alleviating the necessities of the operatives, that

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