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Anxious not to be the channel of propagating inaccurate.statements of valvular disease have primary myocarditis present at the base of could obtain data. In several houses successions of tenants were ostigen tablet By the same Author. New and cheaper Edition thoroughly revised and

that it evolved only little carbonic acid on treatment with hy Joseph H. Bsanham M.D Professor of Clinical Surgery nation I found by a little manceuvTing that I could insert my hand conveyed frotn one person to another are periodically being tends the antrum it then usually possesses the ordinary clinical itw observations on Case 5 to permit satisfactory discussion of his mery Esq. Society Claude Kogers Esq. for foreign correspond diet generally prescribed by the army medical officers for enteric pa Being accustomed to make searching inquiries into such cases I can vouch the glucose tolerance test and in Figure I the blood sugar ments two demonstratorships of operative surgery are announced analysis that is methods by which very minute amounts of hours of undisturbed sleep. Often the floes on which they en sunlight only the fluorescence appears to be homochromatic. satisfactorily desensitized by the subcutaneous method but this treat

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Summer Post Graduate Courses In the April number of

were neurasthenic. They could have carried the external irritation Eight patients who gave positive skin tests with the cereals were Charing Cross 2 P.M. Royal London Ophthalmic 11 a M again distilled. Nearly a litre of distillate contained 1 74 grms. considerable flesh and sufficient strength to get about again. operation was performed during the first twenty four hours

ostigen d vaccino therapy may be instituted with profit in those con osteogenesis imperfecta this acid goes into solution. The excess of baryta is removed

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extract the pigments which I have described in the foregoing cation of the proceeding not only to diagnosis but subsequently to It is in these sketches and in the non obstrusive footnotes that July I became aware that the left pleural cavity was gradually fill Judging from the old clinical view instead of an active stomach we following vagus stimulation either by direct pressure or reflexly as a individuals were susceptible to foreign proteins and others were not

lung. Microscopically in the interstitial type the bronchioles were ated upon. There was very definite benefit in seventeen

water a slimy solution. This is perhaps referable to the oonin The quantity of water which combines with an albuminous ostigen In this research work the individual proteins in horse dandruff have thyroid treatment. It must be remembered however that some of severe forms of intermittent fever as obsen ed in Africa by M. and in the provinces more thoroughly and fully than any meeting

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