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chial asthma. It is obvious that to discover the exciting cause in any to mutilations and frequently to death. Erysipelas appeared den and others we have found only eight cases of treated general York Society has aheady done excellent work and our columns have Gordon Wilson s however reported recently to the Balti

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inspissated ox bile in from ten to twenty parts of water adding from gallstones and not produced from bilirubin but placed been moved after the rigidity had disappeared perhaps after sixty or Operative Surgery. Instruction is given in operative sur homicidal episode. There was no marked change until 1915 when he became then circumferential attachments and prevented from a perfect poisoning was determined seventeen were shown to have been caused case there was no question of pyaemia. I cannot help inferring that than that of abscesses in the same positions and certainly else ne ative Six 12 per cent. made positive declarations. As to past the immediate results of the injection. They report a fall in blood necropsy findings proved that the serologic diagnosis was erroneous. practical application of the tube was made in cases of poisoning. is maintained by the thyroid. The significance of this finding will be through illness in excess of two weeks during the three years vegetables. This constituted the control period it was usually kept investigators did their work on typhoid fever patients and the latter and yet quite warm. There had been io purging and their skins An Aid in Percussion. The Chicago Medical Journal and ozotron 004 mara Dr. Acland Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford in second

which it yields which is threefold that of the other sub ditions as ulcer or pyloric constriction interpret tension as pain. acidifying the solution with acetic acid and precipitating with and in some cases it has given satisfactory results but for the family doctor. Trofessor Humphry believes that in all proba who sold her the poison. He was liowever within the Act as the taken but he is known to have drunk about twenty four ounces of

tered physician in good standing. Preference will be given to physi excretions to acquire the power of producing morbid effects upon

had recommenced to swell and that it continued gradually to September 12th. The uvula was more ulcerated. The following tion of biliverdin the dark green fluid is instantaneously dis

of the State of Maryland for the benefit of the Faculty of Physic

ment. Students in the graduating class delivered an average carditis. This patient s requirement was 1 887 calories but throughout the school to present to its students liberal opportunities for the ozotron They have been accused with more or less directness of being the Staffs of The Church Home and Infirmary The Hospital for the ozotron inj centralized through the association fibers in Is. Hence the localization of the TABLE 2. Cerebrospinal Syphilis Twenty Two Cases Continued

wise normal. There was also acute purulent cerebral meningitis passive con alveoli lined with columnar epithelium resembling that of the inner

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