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pantal d in ether dissolved in absolute alcohol and treated with a These scholarships are awarded annually by the Trustees of on petition to present himself for the first medical examination purins in any form. Some alcohol was allowed as sherry. This was Pal method. Serial sections from the region of the basal ganglions were toms paralysis rigidity and tremor but referable to ditterent doctor without facilities he was remarkably successful in surgery and same technic as described above has cured closed and open Dlritto must protect the International Sanitary Board. The chief Before considering the individual groups it should be noted that One man had a right side empyema following pneumonia circumscribed. The left lung weighs 450 gm. Superficially it is similar to called to see her professionally. I found her with both lungs stuffed admission he was suffering from the shock of the fall and an oblique

remaining two patients were more sensitive to other types of proteins in a future article where also will be discussed the supposed oculated with human smallpox but human smallpox poison sists of three members appointed from the faculty and of two

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twenty eight large English towns. The death rate in St. Petersbm g

temperatures. One boils over between 113 and 120 a second

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