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anaemia of syphilitic subjects generally. The tissues are starved

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were pellagrins; and of those using them rarely or never, 4.12 per cent.

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position of the obliterated orifice could be demonstrated in the sulcus

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scrotum and chyluria are unknown; that the disease is particularly

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basilar meningitis of children, at a very early stage of the disease.

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in a manner that invites speculation on the causes of change. England

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Treatment. — The senile changes in the aorta, so long as they do

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sporadic- cases, the phlebitis, when it occurs, is also mild. In such

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long been known to be deficient in the scurvy vitamins. It has been


has alluded to a case in a man sixty-eight years old. Thus the dis-

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lets after standing in different strengths of salt solution are desirable.

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dization of the pneumogastric nerve in the neck will sometimes cut

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heart muscle, and by the extent of the arteriosclerosis elsewhere.

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latter appear on the surface as straight or wavy red lines travelling

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palpitation, pain, and anxiety, belong really to affection of other

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The remaining twenty cases in this protocol may be considered

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Of the 130 pellagrins with recurrence in 1912, there were twenty-one

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sclerosis, whether of specific origin or not, the iodides, especially the

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eyes being closed, extension, flexion and rotation of each segment of

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the tachycardia. B nsel and Weidener established the diagnosis of

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19. Brewer, G. E.: Proc. New York Path. Soc, 1907-08. vii, 54.

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the group, Pellagrin 689, a white woman, had her initial attack in 1905

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Physical examination showed absent deep reflexes in the legs and Argyll

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many vegetations on the semilunar valves of the pulmonary artery

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patients told me that after the death of her father she distinctly saw

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lar lymphangitis — in which the larger vessels are inflamed. These

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spite of this the cutaneous sensibility was more involved than the

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And lastly, there is the group of isolated lymphangiomata of the

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gram of normal shape. In the cases collected by Ritchie twenty-nine

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up the various points in this controversy, it may be said that the

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atheroma of the aorta, and we may ascribe the series of changes — the

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4. The excretion of urobilinogen and urobilin in the feces before

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These lesions are irregular in outline, with undermined edges, and present a

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to occlusion of the vessel, the other the chemical due to the changes

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ten sorrow." Disturbance of digestion may be regulated by diet, or

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between these extremes we may distinguish multitudes of groups of

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become, after prolonged diastoles, sharp pointed, higher waves resembling

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are, they do not appear to prove that an organic lesion of the medulla

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in both eyes, loss of knee-jerks and Achilles tendon reflexes on both sides,

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