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    gested food, as shell-fish, unripe fruit, cucumbers, etc. Sudden arrest of
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    tubercles and ulcerations are present about the mouth and anus. The
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    growth of bacteria, as with any other form of vegetable life; however,
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    cavities are more abundant in fibroid phthisis. Aside from the purely
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    tumor in order to lessen the circulation in the tumor, with the hope that
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    hut usually the dorsal and lumbar portions are the parts involved.
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    the reparative process. Then a fixed dressing should be applied and
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    ally are of the large hyaline variety ; granular casts are infrequent ; often
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    foci ; sharply outlined areas of coagulation necrosis, which are still dark
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    After the early symptoms have continued perhaps for twenty-four hours
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    formation, according to Virchow, is a frequent cause in chlorotic females.
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    tion should be obtained as before. When successful, such baths may be
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    and chronic phthisis. It is claimed by some authorities that caseous
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    by the daily administration of quinine in moderate doses. About two
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    may appear in the urine as the result of disease of the
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    (c) Defective nutrition to the injured bone may be brought about
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    when combined with ammonium chloride. The mineral acids are apt to
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    red hue being replaced by a bright arterial red, while the inner margins of
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    always accompanies this retention and decomposition of bile.
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    dant and normal. Pulmonary engorgement diminishes and commencing
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    from an agonizing girdle pain due to the implication of the diaphragm.
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    appear bifid ; while if the dilatation affects mainly, or only, the left ven-
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    the nervous centres, Avhich results in the peculiar spasms ; and the parox-
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    symptoms wiiich it causes ; one-half grain for a child and three to six grains
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    largely supplanted quinine in my treatment of typhoid fever. I prefer to
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    brown color, which gradually passes off ; if before it entirely disappears a
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    should be five to ten pounds; in persons less strong the weight should
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    albuminuria, and delirium. The pulse is generally very vapid and often
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    in an effort to effect reduction. If this fails, an operation should be
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    little doubt but that relapses are of much more frequent occurrence in those
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    act as antipyretics simply through their effects upon nervous irritation.
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    denied by many that mercury is a cholagogue ; still there are few who do
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    cline, and a feeling of comfort is ezperienced as the perspiration makes its
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    nii^ht, and arc CdHowkI, afU'r the lirst, two nr three, by profuse nud exhaust>
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    Prognosis. — The prognosis depends upon the conditions and circum-
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    hiccough, subsultus tendinum, cold perspiration, a flickering pulse, deeply
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    thoroughly established, repeated efforts at inoculation at another point
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    while the thennoincter shows tlie temperaturo to range at 105' ¥. or
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    noted. A large vesicle may, in passing the duct, give every symptom
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    where the physician is in doubt, it should be treated as a fracture. This
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    Radial. — The radial artery may be tied at three points, in the
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    Copper, Iron, Zinc, and Braaa. Blnatrated. Third Edition, By Ihe Author of
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    for interstitial pleurisy, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema nearly always
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    ■walls of the vessels ; ' venous thrombosis and embolism are essential feat-
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    sible without a secondary operation. It is put up in several forms,
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    sis. The heart sounds may be sharp and short, resembling the sounds

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