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Domingo, 17 de Enero de 2010 (GMT) 

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M. Biggs, general medical officer of the department, recom-
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in charge of St. Mary's Hospital, Hoboken, on Sunday
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the dura and pia at the first sitting is recommended.
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here if its application is without the extreme fanati-
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matters which are of such vital importance to the psychic health
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tion for the benefit of the tubercle bacillus. More
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cretion of urobilin is commonly no longer increased.
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traction bands are wound and knotted. The space between the
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observation has been too short to permit of any con-
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with tincture of iodine before reduction is attempted
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Building of the Medical Society of the County of Kings, 1313 Bedford
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plete statistics regarding this problem. It is a form
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bered that the underlying principle of "professional
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president. Dr. T. E. Carmody, of Denver; second vice-
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ber and brief in duration; they do not occur solely
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the possibilities of this being accomplished when I
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601 Engravings. Philadelphia and London : Lea & Febiger,
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late. Journal of the American Medical Association, June
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i, 8, is practically the same as last year, with the ex-
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tremens was an acute psychosis occurring in chronic
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timely departure. In his death the Eastern Medical Society has lost
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position of the psychoneuroses, sums up hysteria as
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scess had been mixed with all the oil in the reser-
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a substitute for cocaine by Thibault. The effect is
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cals, besides leaving less nonsecreting cicatricial tis-
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paralysis of respiration. The reports indicate that
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globe. Plato's first man, in common with the privi-
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or near their various sites, but there were many ex-
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oil, 50 parts ; ether, 50 parts ; creosote, 2 parts ; iodo-

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