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    radiata, posterior limb of the internal capsule, crusta of the cms cerebri,

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    passive motion, the new position is maintained with equal persistency. There

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    the development of nephritis. It is an interesting fact that in diabetes, glyco-

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    radial distribution, so that both hands hang lax in volar flexion, and they

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    seems difficult, and there seems to be an inhibition of all mental activity.

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    fectly normal, except for the disturbing influence of the spasmodic movements.

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    ,3. What Is the public health significance of fleas?

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    Clinical History. — Gout may produce symptoms in many different organs ;

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    frequently we find in tabes inequality of the pupils and, as a rare symptom,

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    women. Chorea gravidarum is most frequent in comparatively youthful

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    cortex of monkeys by Ferrier, Horsley, Sherrington, and others. Pathological

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    groups of symptoms are: 1. Lead colic: Violent colicky pains radiating

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    an unusual callus formation. The tabetic joint affections are found most

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    hardly to be regarded as a disease, but rather as an intellectual anomaly, so

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    various spectra of blood in its different conditions are shown by the

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    expense if conJraltoT^lEnd' ofluSL^rf' "^'"'^^ ' '''' ^^"^st and

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    panied by unfavorable results. Tepid half or full baths, however, of about

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    priate stimuli by means of the vestibular nerve, to the vestibular nucleus,

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    leptosplrwir rsust. haw been VltHln^-S Jf s*i1f»»S InS the^S Jf>SL

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    wifery. Clinical Medicine, Dissection, and Operative Snrgery ; Summer

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    still, this form cannot be unqualifiedly regarded as mild, for we must bear

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    will often be involuntarily withdrawn into the mouth or thrust to one side.

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    and on holidays and during vacations from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. daily.

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    the end of the sixth term if the entry be not made at the commence-

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    difficult)' in articulation. Many words are pronounced indistinctly. The first

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    action, and penaiona and aUowanoea to widows and iamilies.

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    The conditions of promotion to the degree of Doctor are :

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    dryness of the skin, etc. Besides these there gradually develops a general

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    privilege of competing for class prizes and certificates.

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