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Case xi. — Private Fays received a ball on September 1st, which en-
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The selection of wintering-places for invalids, always a subject of some
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to by the gynecologist ; being proper only in cases of metrorrhcea
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of October to the end of April, the climate of Egypt is admirable ; its
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very sad case that happened in Edinburgh. A young and beautiful
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tistical account of the sick and wounded received into the hos-
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housemaid's knee, to which Mr. Jordan had alluded, he would prefer to
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afterwards nariated, in the public prints, a horrible story, for which, when pressed,
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chamber. It is in this connective tissue that the great blood-vessels and
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made to the Government for it, including many from distant parts of
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improver of the Davy lamp for coal-mines ; and Dr. Brown, all of Sun-
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all other military nations. It will, perhaps, be as well to explain the
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neighbourhood to join at once the Association and the Branch. Ap-
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Like everything which Llebig has written, they are very interesting, and
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