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Observatio 64. — De Singulari et Pulchra Distributione Venae Azygos.
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achievements in science, in medical art and education,
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description, together with a short reference, for insertion in the Cata-
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of Mr. Spence's statistics, which were the best possible answer to certain
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Mr. Syme opposed the concession, which was however made
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case there was myosis of the left pupil, which, I think, could scarcely
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monstrate that the capacity for realising pain and pleasure is in strict
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again opened, allowing the spray to play directly on the necrotic
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has been very successful. The Governors are now in a position to
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moved by deep oval incisions above and below the tumour.
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of the older man, but nevertheless, at the end of ten or
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disease affords conclusive evidence of their long continued over-action;
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the left were entirely covered by a cauliflower mass of warty growths,
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very sound. After the second dose, at 5.30 a.m., he slept soundly
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may occur either during systole or diastole, but is always synchronous
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under my observation of malaise, which is recognised as a stage pre-
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excessive. The respiration, which is more or less accelerated during
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cleansing of our cities, and to the purification of our rivers. These
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The patch on the near fore-limb is less bare than the preceding ; its
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IIOLMAN, M.D., Reigate) opened the proceedings by the delivery of
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have been expected, for a very obvious reason. It was in the In-
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The proceedings were brought to a close about four o'clock, when the
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progress of Mrs. W s, I write to state that, happily, we now consider her cured ! !
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in quantity and quality very different from those in home use, and far
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tendency to emaciation or to febrile attacks. The changes may long
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cysts were punctured with a trocar, giving exit to a greyish, thick,
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Treatment. — Administration of 5 grains of potassium iodide ; hypo-
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Dr. Root — I have been wearing your Susj>ender and Shoulder Brace for a few
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hours. The increase in work ends by causing hypertrophy of the
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State on Entry. — The animal was depressed, carried the head low
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125 in a minute. During the last two days of his life he was troubled
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iodine. The parts having been scrupulously cleansed, the deeper
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heard his noble friend's statement that if the amendment had been
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The luminous pencils which a near object sends to a spectator's eye
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finger, existed in the diaphragm, from which, on pressing the place of
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lameness disappeared as though by enchantment as soon as the growth

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