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    pupils to this day speak of him with a loyal affection and
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    is complete without its Cagliostro, who windily vaunts a certain
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    25 grammes (386 grains), besides 288 disc fragments,
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    and be criticised and ridiculed by others. This defence occurs
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    of mechanics ; and it does not fail to comply with those laws in
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    thwaite. Communications and reports relating to the " Cyclo-
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    posed ; viz., that a single paper should be read, giving a synopsis
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    ing ; the skin is covered with a pruriginous eruption ; there is
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    or less concave form, with rounded edges ; generally there
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    * * 1874, and is a son of George and Elizabeth (Leupold) Pfeiffer.
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    trade or importance, it was thought (incorrectly, perhaps) to be
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    of St. Vincent's Hospital. He has been and is, in the
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    mic as the result of disturbance of the system induced by the
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    ology, occupies a foremost place among New York medical men.
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    rule to cleanse the eye from every fifteen minutes to one hour.
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    them and finds the appetite improve under their use. The best to choose for
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    length, making selection and differentiation a time-consuming
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    On June 14, 1899, Dr. Brooks was married to Louise Dudley Davis,
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    heart is still found in action, but in a few minutes more ceases
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    feeble, — no; vomits milk and albumen in curds, with yellow
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    Department of the State of New York and medical aid to the Gov-
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    at clinics and lectures in famous medical centers abroad, Dr. Schlapp
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    uterus was effected, and a pessary placed to retain the elevation,
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    for at least months, perhaps with occasional brief intermissions. Iron, quinin,
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    bacteriologist, and when an epidemic of typhoid fever commenced
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