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    suggestions regarding its proper composition. The members
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    winking, in removing dust or other irritating particles from the eye,
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    OS uteri lay close to the pubes; the cervix was almost
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    moved the ovum in a mass of clot from Douglas's pouch,
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    — Dr. Neale : Some Observations on Vaccination and Revac-
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    work done upon this subject by Soudakewitch and Ruffer,'*
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    perhaps a surgeon of the Salicetan school, or in any case by
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    confounded with similar formations in acute rheumatism. All along
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    are requested to communicate to the Honorary Secretary as early as pos-
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    tificate that he did so, and whether in the event of that not
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    bringing about that cure which has been prophesied by
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    and from then on he made an uninterrupted recovery. Ordinarily,
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    arises, that is to say, in cases in which neither the carboh3Tl.rates nor
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    The late Mrs. Marion Jane Carter of Ospringe House,

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