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the Board. The lectures required are as follows :— Descriptive Ana-


ished at the end of some months. Usually, however, the improvement advances

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crease the pain, whereas the patient with hysterical enteralgia tosses restlessly

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of severe trigeminal neuralgia, often has excellent results. The explanation

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[Gowers claims that daily subcutaneous injections of strychnin, gr. yj-g- to ^

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adducted (the pectoralis major being chiefly affected). These contractures

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or permanent general cerebral symptoms may also appear, such as persistent

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Surgery is placed on very much the same legal footing as that occupied

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elch fndl^idSll D^iir S^";:!/;: "*"?.^!r- ^^f guidelines or regulrisents for

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comprehends an intimate knowledge of the laws of chemical philosophy,

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teristic. .Hysteria is therefore symptomatically not a well-rounded morbid

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'essay containing the results of original research. The subjects for

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(2) Latebra - a streak of "white" yolk extending from the geminal disc to the

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to spontaneous hemorrhage is in many cases, particularly the milder ones,

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later in life. The prognosis for life, too, is distinctly worse in melancholia,

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tion to promote scientific research, are awarded by the National Research Council. Fel-

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The atrophy and paresis appear first in the tongue, then in the lips and the

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specific gravity is excreted. This polyuria is in many instances merely the

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medical sciences in Rush Medical College. The work of the Department of Pathology

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Graduates and matriculates of literary and scientific colleges, and

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have a rather slow onset where there is at first a small embolus, and this

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Two prizes of 100 dols. each are awarded, the one annually, and the

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tral nervous diseases, especially the cerebral paralysis of children {vide infra).

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Hooker's "Student's Flora," or Babington's "Manual of British

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fibers is suspended, then the necessary sequence in every case is a paralysis of

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exaggeration of the tendon reflexes. It deserves mention that precisely similar

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idiopathic orthostatic hypotension treated with mestinon

Moore, William James, a, w, sp, Hanover. S.B. (Monmouth C.) '33.

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patieBt attending the Hospital; and no mechanical work in the fonn of

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tests — Oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, chlorine, bromine, iodine,

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other instances it must be confessed that they are apparently due to the toxic

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Lying-in Hospital, £1 Is. for six months ; Eye Infirmary, £1 Is. for

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tion of the vestibular apparatus. (5) Tinnitus aurium and deafness are justly

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