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Dr. L. Anna Ballard, secretary; Drs. Charles N. Hayden,
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One of the Surgeons to the Wills Hospital for the Diseases of the Eye.
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respiration which seemed likely to necessitate a speedy
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from that of defending the public health and that of
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133. Oxygen in Pulmonary Obstruction. — Doolittle rec-
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has ceased, incisions heal as promptly in syphilitics as
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upon a woman after delivery. She had washed her hands in
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lesion always dangerous, often incurable; requiring or foibidding general
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positive conclusions can be drawn. Suffice it for the
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acid, grs. xvi; aqua cinnamomi, 3iv; aqua camphorse
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resisting at times all remedial means; never yielding to blood-letting alone;
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weeks, then falling gradually to the normal in the same step-
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health preventing the spread of this scourge, it is a matter
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This case is instructive in showing that there is danger

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