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I. For Horses Tartar emetic 2 to 4 drams dissolved in

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Therapeutics. The treatment of these conditions varies

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pleuro pneumonia chiefly by its non contagiousness and also

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deed. But even here great caution is necessary in making a

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of the snbject may require. The dandriffe demands a double process the first

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lazarettos in England and who in discharge of their duty must be

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On Iodine and its Existence in Sponge We inserted in a late

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the distended alveoh and on the other by atrophy of the

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till at last they cannot rise up the eyes sink deep into their

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and may be compared to the scrofula of man. Treatment

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all his opinion may be the patient s salvation or his death warrant.

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communication established between the abscess situated in the

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unqualifiedly and Dr. Keyes volume on syphilis deserves un

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viously entertained that its medicinal properties were owing to this

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little attention is paid to the mane and tail. Only when the

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Greece Asia Syria Egypt amp c. and in Constantinople where I re

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says there Is some reason to hope a favourable issue. Diarrhcea he

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greater pix gt p6rtion of original reflection and a more abstract

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and palpation only rarely reveals signs of pain. Hence it is that the

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to Hck in order to kill such immature distoma as have already

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extreme pain was held to cause death which has httle probability to

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Dear Doctor As the old negro said You shore hits um

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tonsurans and favus are produced by two separate species of

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the stomach was softened and friable that of the intestinal canal

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to free the negro. To me the most ringing note for freeing the

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guage than those who have not attempted such a task may probably

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The modern operation for the cure of aneurism by the api icttioB

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irritants unconsciousness and coma. Pulse accelerated appetite

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irritation bitching rubbing facial contortions etc.

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stretched wall of the crop becomes ruptured or a so called

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I the aerfous system increased action of the heart increased flow of

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You must surely be quizzing me to suppose that I should insert the

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of age and of degrees of hepatization the central lobules of the affected

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dropf or other analogous acid preparations. Morphine according to

  Zantac Infant Reflux Dosage
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