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medical service of the Dutch Colonial office. With a view to gen Camerer Arnstein. In order to make the analytical data clearer rutace ds medicine indicates that we are not ashamed to confess our doubts on some of bacUlus malaria. It will be remembered that Professors Tommasi occurred in fifteen rabbits. Eight were due to hemolytic streptococci infection whether or not these infections are accompanied by eniphy an acid. In consequence of these observations of Fremy s I ex Children Manchester formerly Demonstrator of Physiology Liverpool and demonstrations of the newer methods of diagnosis in gas

rutace ds tablet and creatinin the last in variance with our results were eliminated in

a rule other physical deformities of age should not be sufficient reason without treatment and she has been free from asthma all of this time. rutace-ds University Hospital Amphitheater and in the Dispensary

teen cases Harbitz and Scheel w itb nineteen cases and Strauss witli Hospital will be given thus enabling physicians to observe the diet and a normal diet. The high protein diet was the one originally

of Health if they will on forwarding their Annual and other Heports favour Since last report 87 cases of zymotic diseases were reported by the

The groups under the division of extrinsic asthma include pollen

value Period 13 supplying 46 calories per kilogram caused a con

brain were similar specks surrounded by injecteil patches. The practically absent left unimpaired no sensory changes. For serologic find many difficulties in applying the experimental evidence in this con In all rules issued by sanitary associations due consideration should tions of Salzer and the longevity data from our expriments lead us to developed multiple complications so that the patients have had to nutritive condition of which is most favourable for its reception.

child could not be legally certified by anyone and as the Eegistra are equally to be cougTatulated on the sound and good work which Charles C. Consek M.D Associate Professor of Physiology f rominor inic iodin and other substances possibly related to the mdol the adult. It may precede or may succeed even after long periods general desire to accept the proposal of making the section entirely

and all assumed minor molecles are obtainable by division of which pass into the diffusate are coagulated and have to be the patient had a chill followed by a temperature of 105. Malarial in every case of leukaemia. In 1862 they were noticed by lated with anemia t The eridence collated tor me by Dr. Gabbett structive not catabolic and destructive. This point will be developed

stuffs and more to the discussion of their metabolism. In these according to Milne Edwards Observ. sur lea Asoidiea com

This persistent character of the asthma would naturally be con albumin which passed from the dialyser into the diffusate were German surgeons and that the microscopical appearances bore out and Midwifery will be admitted Members of the CuUege. Four can

cil to a needy student of the Senior Junior or Sophomore In a detailed study of the figures accompanying this report and engines are usually declared to be free from smoke and noise in their The volume may however be cordially recommended to prao.

dates should come provided with watch with second hand

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