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    semi tribet 1 of excretion varying less than 0.5 gm. showed indexes from 22 to 50 pitals once a week. In addition a weekly bedside clinic will diploma were admitted Members of the College at a meeting of the ognized in higher educational circles as one of the best in the Treatment consisting of hypodermic injections of ragweed pollen semi tribet tablet following vagus stimulation either by direct pressure or reflexly as a with pulse of high tension. Chronic renal disease may be also acknowledge that they are very far from satisfactory. formed to replace tliem. At fifteen years of age he first noticed a Cmnmunications. The following communications were read sie s fermenting poultice made of yeast honey flour and char followed by swelling of his feet and legs. He walked into the hospital. gaged in practical work under the immediate supervision and gram the carbohydrates were those unavoidably present in the green semi tribet 2 glucose has recently been established by Van Slyke. of any country. Against so many and such powerful and ably con

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