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    (a) " Let it be known, once for all, tbat clitoridectomy is neither more

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    improved and was discharged, Dec. 15. On the 20th of the same month

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    the simplest kind is established in a certain manner under

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    portant, and the Jacn and Huamilies, among those less

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    A case of actinomycosis related by Sir IJ. Duckworth

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    Wilson, Compton, acting assistant surgeon, will proceed from Xew

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    is easily brought about by giving brandy in the manner just stated. I have

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    commit himself on the subject, but tliiuks that many

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    nitrous emulsion ordered. On the next day the patient seemed dying,

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    attractive to most roentgenologists, and hospital service will

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    an acute nasal catarrh or an influenza, or even a chronic nasal catarrh,

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    The Dissector's Manual. By W. Bruce-Clarke, M.A., M.B., F.R.C.S., etc., and

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    blood (acid poisoning, etc.). The same lack of unanimity

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    July 26th. In the morning gave another injection of strongest serum

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    The articles published in Missouri Medicine represent the opinions of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy

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    one or the other is apt to be more prominent, thus producing a more

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    ative injections. Patients nourished with milk, well boiled

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    duration, 2 hours. Paraplegia and anesthesia below lesion ; vesi-

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    65. F. Hoffman, Medicina consultatoria . . . (Halle: Renger, 1721), "Casus III. Cum

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    first two months, let us say, can usually be put upon modified

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    scarcely ever occurred under fifty years of age, while

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    tory basis, and this applies especially to the com-

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    conditions which require the beneficial effects of recuperating

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    with the ovaries gives an additional chance of success, but this

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    diseases. The work of Rosenow and Oftedal, 30 however,

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    seemed to have loss of power in her left arm and leg. An hour later, she

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    of a commencing degenerative process in the peri-bron-

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    delirium, and other symptoms of cerebral irritation

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    added much to the pathogenetic importance of catarrh of the bile-

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    between the fixed jaws. The faeces and urine may be discharged. This

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    the tainted germinal units the greater will be the chance of the disease

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    and antemic, and had the appearance of a man that had not

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    as possible, attacks of acute bronchitis, and when they occur they should

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