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is taken out and harnessed. In stronger spasms the animal

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py contrary circumstances and the debility is increased the indica

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notion of the character of the work before us by slating that

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extremely difiused as parasites throughout the animal world. The follow

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ported in 1765 from Spain but has since become widely spread.

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develop characterized by a chronic wearisome illness with

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years. During the last 25 years the cases averaged a fraction more

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After noticing the statements tLat have been made respecting

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catarrh on different parts of the intestinal canal

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by some authors and malt eczema considered to be a form of solanin

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expiratory dyspnoea which is produced on the one hand by the

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logy tihd ithe econd the careless and feeble mode in which it

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that there were probably as many as 200 000 syphilitics in that

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septics hydrochloric acid hyposulphite of soda creolin and

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the genuine source of supply for fresh and unaltered matter

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most parts sediments nearly white. These two species of sediments

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by heaters for half an hour to an hour. He considers pilocarpin

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think appear to any one examining its peculiarities attentively thait

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the narcotic principle in the urine. The property of dilating the

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by onanism leads in the end to respectively permanent

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disease and allow us to trace it from a rapidly developed and

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the second and third classes must be absolutdy regulated by

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acid true stomachics such as pepsin i to 2 dr. common

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think that all the world has entered into a conspiracy against him.

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presence of ulcers in stomach or bowels which was confirmed

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in frequency. We have cases in which with a temperature

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observations made by the latter the skin is in this disease

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strias which seem to be the continuations of the nervous filaments as

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sereral reasons the case itself is highly so and it is gratifying

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epithelium and which may be serous mucous or purulent

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