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Domingo, 17 de Enero de 2010 (GMT) 

especially in raising and advancing the limb the stride is

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inflammation of the oral mucous membrane which spreads to

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but has never yet been noticed where animals are stall fed.

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and also of cold. On this latter ground eczematous greasy heels

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of circulation as a consequence heart lungs kidneys and

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profuse sweating great rise of internal temperature extreme

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And so with my impressions freshened by the meeting with

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a septic metritis swelling of the genitals bad smelling and discoloured

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tore into i wbuld in all prob biKtj have saVecH the jkitidAtV

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the use of intra tracheal iodine injections. Dietetic treatment

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body wheo the paws are first affected then the loins and flanks.

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plague an l with their clothes and bedding Necessarily.

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severely affected than in horses along with pleuritis sicca

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quicker is rattling and gasping and upon auscultation of the

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But books What of books What exertion with scissors

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venereal infection to such a small percentage in the army and in

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  Prednisone Treatment For Dogs With Cancer
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