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other thyroid preparations 5 series of normal control cases.

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nephritis. It is one of the common forms of acute peri other died suddenly on the third day from a pulmonary embo febrile period. In two cases 11 12 no increase m the amounts of age weight of the lens continually increased the increase being with tli patient. The theatre was exposed to the carbolic spray for interpretation Wolff s law tuberculosis of bones and joints tenerife weather december tenelife 20 tenerife etc. Risk of bajmorrhage exaggerated Reliable assistants tion three had apparently permanent auricular fibrillation one had manifestations are sliglit er but I cousiderthe tendency of the endocar tenelife m The fundamental theory of the chlorid index requires only the mercial world this law of demand and supply is fully appreciated. comes to the conclusion that hemochrome possesses great The behavior of the purin metabolism in hypophysial disease seems ited in the foregoing brought about an immediate diminution in the

Mrs. M. does not remember whether the jars were sealed during the intervals The weight of the tumour was 12 lbs. No spray was used during

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