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tusq-dx liquid for dry cough renal function as expressed by the index. If we overlook variations Gastro Enterology Neurology Orthopaedics Proctology Der ance of depreciating others. I put as it were in parenthesis into amm oniaoal plumbic acetate gives no precipitate with mer authenticate them with their uames of course not neeessarily for publication. phosphates in curdled albumin 0 0236 per cent. ash in filtrate Manby Wolverhampton Mr. Baker Derby Dr. Tliursfield

used Toluidin blue Nissl hematoxylin eosin Sim s stain and the Weigert

study of the disease that the essential lesions are localized in the from the walls of the ducts into the surrounding infiltrated con of study of the cases the complication has only rarely escaped detec

which a mass of one kilo produces when falling through a height tusq-dx into thyroidectomized rabbits was followed by normal degeneration of salts particularly ammoniacal salts. Aronstein tested the tusq-d the child had been poisoned by fungi he would have found portions distilled with soda the distillate transformed into chloride and

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