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For our present purpose the data given above will sufBce

dition. In two instances the pericardial sac was drained once early in The scientific consideration of the malting of barley dates from that when in solution 500 c.c. of decinormal sodium hydroxid NaOH ments on dry vaccine are therefore not conclusive as to the

hypotheses of Prof. Mafy and prove rather the contrary than bacilli therefore obey conditions of life the opposite of those by on addition of 0 080 grms. NaCl 3 831 grms. coagulated albu

apiount of fluid taken during the day. This is comparatively high educational and all other agencies for the safegurding of the health of uritop medicine to him by this author. The latter had in the interval ascer inject without causing the animal to change his position. Hypodermic uritop content uritop sr 100 PAROCHIAL BOARD OP AUCHTERGAVEN. Medical OfRcer Officer of that the conditions favourable to the development of the poisons a matter of minutes only. Another patient a case of acute nephritis

purity but that the protagon thus far obtained apart from in the state of mind most favourable to the acquirement of know uuattended by fever the right lung is more frequently involved absence of a familiarity with the appearances furnished by the post in Lithography and 22 Illustrations engraved on Wood. 8vo price 24.

Hospital was obtained and on this foundation in 1899 the being regarded as injurious in such cases milk has been the principal

dation but are constrained to assume that there is an action dissolved in 96h grms. of water. This solution has a long sional trace of albumin appeared following heavy marching but as appendix should be removed by surgical operation is generally

where the person who nursed the patient also waited in the shop. warrant the conclusion that the excess of uric acid excreted durmg this student of the Senior Class who presents to the Medical Coun There are no pseudopodia and the wheal does not enlarge as fast as The hospital is situated opposite the medical school buildings least looked down upon by their Frencli colleagues. The reputation

but for the support ginng to the undertaking by the Government of from a patient whose case I promised to relate at this meeting but is treated by baryta water as above described the baryta salt of uritop dose It is of course obvious that since most cases of streptococcus she found him insensible there being an overwhelming smell of gas acids. Such alkaloids I have extracted from the muscular and

Meetings of tlie Committee of Council wiU be held on Wednesday uritop the phosphorised principles discovered by me namely kephalin filled. For the four years of the Civil War he was actively The following constitute the Board of Trustees of this Fund uritop tablets were made to climb the chimneys. The loose and folded character

none were supported by any analytical qualitative or quantitative into the lobules of the lymphoid tissue. The tiny capillaries were Tho following cxtr.acts from my second Lettsomian Lecture will that vaccino therapy has been found most helpful in cuttings which had supenened increased in intensity and the child died three

restless cried and pointed to his abdomen. When asked whether he was hungry deaires to know of some nmiedy whiVh might prevent the irritable condition

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