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Ursache der Blindheit." Those of you whose labors are limited
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ures, all such disorders will progress to their end, whatever that
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President of the South Carolina Medical Association; was
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epigastric distress, and even vomiting. Tinnitus aurium may be exceedingly
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gives us good sound practical facts in the form of results which
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also is a training school for nurses; he held the appointment of at-
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magne, and Bernard the Dane, a descendant of the kings
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years has occupied No. 202 Niagara Street, as his office and home.
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School, when fifteen years of age, and in 1859 commenced
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Theoretically, when the velocity of the bullet is very
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microscopy and chemistry at the bedside, five on gyneco-
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The gauze and the tow are antiseptic ; they are impreg
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from behind the angle of the jaw, and had to be dissected off the
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pages, there breathes from them a refreshing suggestion of field
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Those of the cervical region by the preceding signs, to
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direct compression and in conjunction with ergotine in
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that appears at a late moment without any notable haemor-
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or a different predisposing cause, in other nerves, are equally
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Points House of Industry, as a wise counsellor in the emergencies of general prac-
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Case. — F. R. S., inheriting a good constitution, weighing
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mead, of Haverford, Pennsylvania. Dr. Bristow died March 26,
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Haupt was primarily obtained in the public schools of New York, and
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Her strong surgical taste led her inlo lliat line of work,
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thra, than the older ones of snipping it off, or cauterizing it.
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went through six editions, was translated into the Ger-
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medical works, and wrote an important original treatise,
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of Newburgh, Orange county, for almost thirty years, president of
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surgery, pathology and therapeutics enduring monographs, and con-

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