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Nerve, 597 — Trigeminal Neuralgia, 598 — Paralysis of Facial Nerve, 601 — Spasm,
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forms, which may survive the poisoning by salvarsan of the adult
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1. Direct irritation, usually inflammatory, of the sensory nerves
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the McGill University, with the title "The Anemia Produced by Re-
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able information is gathered, which serves to guide future
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for their normal purposes. To this rule the acid gastric juice may show
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Bamberger, writing independently of Marie, and describing
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the loss of the salts, the cramps of the disease. By taking
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however, and the oily kinds, like salmon, are indigestible. Fermented
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enjoys some repute — ^ to J gr. three times a day. It may be used
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ticular region of its normal supply of arterial blood; but just this efifect
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and fats of the tissues. By this chemical action it slowly alters and
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and a banana, taken at breakfast with a tumblerful of water before any
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from habit. It has several times happened that one was sea-
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or excess of normal, immediately after a visit of gout.
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In them, however, it is peculiar to find the ribs very tender on pres-
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the red spots being tense and painful, espedally when expK)sed to the
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chloride of iron. Co-operation on the part of the patient is
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Cardilt', (J1 Dr, H. L, Jones, London; Mr, F, Johnson, Beaconsfield;
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iodid ointment, according to the recommendation of Dr. Fuller, of the
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and symmetrically enlarged, the increase in size involving)
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faces of the prolabia and opposite the lower incisor teeth may be
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This, as we have explained in our first chapter, is the great peril of
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duced by Dr. Halsted. Surgeon to the Johns Hopkins Hos-
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to be connected with gastric derangement, yet I foimd it almost uni-
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or, if comatose, groan from the pain so caused. On the other hand,
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17th century, and the failure to show that tobacco has in any way
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the East Anglian Branch, proposed a very hearty vote of
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