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as a peculiar and hitherto little known infectious disease which was

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atelectasis of the lungs is most important. It arise partly

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paralysis of the tongue and pharyngeal muscles quickly developing debility

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In assuming to myself the merit of purity of intention and

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feed well consequently lose flesh and are incapable of

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As a effective irrigant he advises a solution of borax 5

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effect to vital processes that will remove materials from the cir

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letter. Very recently there happened to come into my hands

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after mechanical injury as well as among young poultry if exposed to

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taken is generg lly returned. There is more or less constipation.

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mouth disease. Also according to the respective causes we recog

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prejudiced and dissatisfied mind Or does he think that I am

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Dr. Oewees endeavours to show that the instances of sup

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times with the names of eminent professors attached to them

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external irritants be withheld and a quiet dark cool and airy

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which makes the animal rub itself and damage its wool. The

  Zofran 4mg Uses
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